Terms and Conditions

 1.  Renter agrees that he will not cause or allow the vehicle to be loaned, rented, or driven by any person other than the Renter and that it is not to be driven beyond Whitehorse and the "Golden Circle" without written agreement noted on this rental.

2.  Renter agrees that he will preserve and protect the vehicle from loss or damage.  Renter agrees to be liable for all costs of repairs to the vehicle regardless of fault.  Renter is specifically advised to be certain his own automobile insurance coverage will provide payment of such loss in the event of an accident or damage.

3.  Renter agrees that the vehicle will be used for "on road" use only and that he will not use, cause or permit the vehicle to be used in any manner in violation of any municipal, county, state or federal low, ordinance or regulation.

4.  Renter agrees that in the event of an accident involving the vehicle, he will within twelve hours furnish to Lynn View Lodge (LVL) a full and complete report and will report the accident to the Department of Motor Vehicles of the jurisdiction involved.  In the event of loss or destruction of the vehicle or any of its accessories or of loss of possession or inability to return the vehicle to LVL on demand for any reason whatsoever, Renter will pay LVL the market value of the vehicle and reasonable market value for loss of accessories.

5.  Renter agrees that all expenses incident to the maintenance of the vehicle shall be borne solely by the Renter, and Renter further expressly agrees to hold harmless and indemnify LVL against all claims and demands arising or resulting from the Renter's use, storage and/or repairs to the vehicle.

6.  Renter agrees to return the vehicle to the Renter's address on the date shown on the agreement or earlier if demanded, together will all tires, tools, accessories and equipment in the same condition as when received, ordinary wear and tear expected.  If the vehicle is left any other place, Renter agrees to pay all expenses incurred by the Rentor to have the vehicle returned.  Rentor may repossess the vehicle without demand and terminate the agreement if the vehicle is illegally parked, abandoned, or used in violation of the law or agreement.

7.  Renter agrees that he will, at his sole risk and expense maintain Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability covering the use of this vehicle during the term of the Agreement.  Renter agrees that he will forever hold harmless LVL from any claims, demands, causes of action, attorneys fees and expenses of any nature arising or alleged to arise from the use, operation, maintenance and ownership of the subject vehicle while this Agreement remains in force and effect, and to reimburse LVL for any loss or damage during said period.

8.  Renter will be responsible for returning the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as when rented.  A fuel charge of $7 per gallon will be charged to replace missing fuel.

9.  The rental period is for 24 hours from the time the vehicle is checked out.  If the vehicle is not returned within the agreed rental period on the face of agreement, additional charges will be incurred.

10.  Renter expressly authorizes the Rentor to process a credit card charge, if any, for charges made in conjunction with this agreement.

11.  250 miles per day are free, there is a $.20 per mile charge for miles used in excess of 250 per rental day.